Disaster Risk Resilience

People, companies, cities and entire nations are under threat from natural disasters, disruptive technologies, political turmoil, terrorist attacks, and environmental degradation. Large, unpredictable, and costly disasters are inevitable - but global reinsurers play an essential role in absorbing disaster shocks by providing predictable financial relief and strengthening societal resilience.

The members of the Global Reinsurance Forum (GRF), have extensive experience in assessing and managing current and future risks and in creating risk transfer solutions. Regulation and supervision play a critical role in ensuring that the reinsurance market works effectively, in terms of risk sharing/pooling and long-term investing.

The GRF is committed to maintain active dialogue with policy-makers, regulators, and other stakeholders with an interest in anticipating, mitigating, and adapting to today's and future risks, enabling society to advance further.

Global reinsurance: strengthening disaster risk resilience

GRF Report